Zero-Carbon Baby?! – w USCAN Keya ChatterjeBabies create a lot of waste and need a lot of energy. Just ask Keya Chatterje, Executive Director at USCAN and formerly at the World Wildlife Fund, who decided with her brave husband to try to raise your new baby with a zero carbon footprint, at least for the first year.

Wow! How did she do? What tricks did she learn that the rest of us can use?

Lucky for us, Keya wrote a book about it to share her journey and tips.

Listen to Keya Chatterje’s explain to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she and her husband decided to tackle this challenge and what they learned.

You’ll discover:

  • Tips for raising your own kids
  • How it affected her whole family – and hear their story
  • What her biggest challenges were – and you might be surprised.
  • How they saved energy
  • How they decided which trade-offs to make.

And more!

To learn more about Keya Chatterje and to check out her book, go to

Books are great gifts – any time of the year!

This interview was conducted while she was at the World Wildlife Fund and now she’s a USCAN, so you’ll hear them talk about the WWF.

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