“I don’t think talking points are very useful….(and) We’re playing by an outdated set of rules.”

Jennifer Palmieri on Green Connections Radio

Jennifer Palmieri tells it like it is. You might expect the Communications Director of the White House and a historic presidential campaign to spew talking points, but not Jennifer. She rejects them!

Listen as Jennifer and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson dig into points she raises in her new book – “Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to Women Who Will Rule the World” – and reveal great new insights and stories that are not in the book.

These apply to all leaders – on ambition, navigating a changing culture and success.

You’ll hear:

  • The inherent conflict between successful leadership and society’s (outdated) views on women and ambition.
  • What a communications director on a presidential campaign does every day and why talking points don’t work.
  • How women have been contorting to “fit in” to a man’s world and how to pivot that world to embrace women’s leadership, one woman, one decision at a time.
  • How women make decisions differently and better, including by bringing their struggles to the process.
  • Why success requires you to: “imagine what else may be possible for you.” (JP on GCR)

And sooooo much more! Such as: “Being a woman is no longer something we need to overcome.” Jennifer Palmieri on Green Connections Radio

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