“Looking at these really strong female (mentors) is helping me see myself as a female in STEM…and then moving on from that to being passionate…about STEM education…being an advocate.”

Hayden Araza on Green Connections Radio

We all talk about how to encourage young ladies to pursue STEM careers, so we decided to talk to a fabulous young lady who has found her passion in STEM. Listen to Hayden Araza, Chief Science Officer of Paradise Valley High School, in Arizona, and hear her tips and enthusiasm – it’s infectious!

You’ll hear:

  • What a Chief Science Officer is in a high school – and how your school district can have them too.
  • Cool STEAM projects that Hayden’s classmates across the school district built and displayed at the “Makers Fair”
  • A novel perspective on fashion as a STEAM career
  • The importance of mentors to these young ladies – and each of us!
  • Sometimes it takes a “dare” from a stranger to find your passion – as it did with Hayden; hear her story about being 1 of only 2 girls in computer science in her school district.
  • How to motivate more young ladies to pursue STEM careers – “make these personal connections” through mentoring

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