To innovate, we need new ideas, new perspectives, new solutions.

To get these new ideas, we need differing points of view at the table. differing experiences and perspectives.

To get these differing points of view, we need a diverse set of people at the table.

Yet, senior leadership remains stubbornly white-male dominated, as the 2016 Fortune 500 reveals. Only 4% of these CEOs are women.

The 2016 Fortune 50 Most Powerful Women list is revealing in many ways – industries women are breaking through it, and patterns still holding.

Listen to Lauren Leader-Chivee, CEO of All In Together, former President of the Center for Talent Innovation and author of the recent book, Crossing the Thinnest Line, in a vibrant discussion with Green Connections host Joan Michelson about these issues and the role of workforce issues in maximizing innovation.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Lauren says “We are all accountable?” Listen here and find out.
  • The difference between “potential” and “capability”
  • What to look for in the data
  • What makes good women’s initiatives
  • Changing careers, asking for help, supporting each other

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