Sustainable Theatres! – Paul O’Byrne, Sydney Theatre CompanyImagine an historic, award-winning theatre on the wharf, surrounded by water, in the central business district of one of the most popular and acclaimed cities in the world….Now, think about trying to reduce its environmental impact and all the stakeholders involved.

That’s what Paul O’Byrne did, working with Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton, who together ran the iconic Sydney Theatre Company on “Greening the Wharf.”

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s fascinating conversation with Paul O’Byrne to find out how they did it, including:

  • How they achieved amazing ROI: 50% less grid consumption, 70% less water use, ~50% less CO2 emissions and 70% less waste.
  • How they did this without closing!
  • How to start a program like this.
  • Getting over hurdles with naysayers and the community with such an iconic landmark.
  • Institutionalizing the program for the long-term.

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The 2015 Sydney Theatre Company Full Report can be found here:

“Greening the Wharf” National Award (Banksia Foundation):

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Paul O’Byrne Biography:

Paul is an expert creative entrepreneur, helping creative, arts & cultural businesses conceive, lead, deliver and evaluate major change programs, turning their business problems into long-term assets. He has recently relocated to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia.
Paul has spent his career passionately driving CSR, environmental sustainability and shared value for high-profile Australian and global business and the communities in which they operate. His many work experiences include being a successful startup founder, major event manager, social entrepreneur, and environmental and corporate change-maker. He has worked for Sydney Opera House, Westfield and partnered with global brands such as Apple, Audi and Lend Lease and even the Australian military. His innovative work for Sydney Theatre Company, to realize the dream of then Artistic Directors Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton, resulted in a US$4m transformation of a historic wharf on Sydney Harbor, and won the project and company many Australian state and national awards.
Paul is now based in LA, and available for consulting or projects. Visit for more information.