Do you want to reach the most powerful purchasing market?

Do you want your brand to be perceived as “green,” “responsible” or “eco-friendly”?

If the answer is”yes” to either of these questions, then join us!

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Why? Women are the top buyers – by far!

  • Women make ~80% of the purchasing decisions — worldwide
  • Women control ~$12 trillion in purchasing power
  • “Women are the most powerful brand ambassadors”
  • Women care about sustainability — and consider the company’s values and actions in their purchase decisions
  • Women trust other women most

We customize the program to suit your specific needs and brand.

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Sponsor Ideas:  ALL BUDGETS are welcome!

Options include:

  •  Podcasts: Sponsor all Green Connections Radio podcasts
  •  Podcast series — On a specific topic or industry, such as sustainable fashion, travel, transportation, renewable energy, leadership, or tell us your idea!
  •  Website: Advertise on the GreenConnectionsRadio.com website.
  •  Newsletters: Advertise in our newsletters to our proprietary email subscribers list.
  •  Private events: Present your brand to the lucrative Green Connections Radio audience of eco-conscious professional women by having us produce a private event for you.
  •  Speaker: Have GCR host Joan Michelson inspire the audience at your event!
  •  Surveys: Leverage the proprietary Green Connections Radio subscriber list to learn more about your brand and how to reach the lucrative eco-conscious women’s market.
  •  Partnerships! From content sharing to being a media partner at your conference or event, tell us what your goals are and we’ll custom design a partnership just for you!
  •  Event coverage: Sponsor Green Connections Radio’s coverage of an event or conference — each interview we do there will be presented as “sponsored by” or “brought to you by”  you

For example, sponsor our coverage of the Greenbiz Verge conference, or Women in Utilities conference.

If GCR Host Joan Michelson moderates a panel at a conference, we record those too and air an abridged version on our podcast, and you’ll receive promotion that way too!

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Cross-promotions with Charitable Partner, World Academy for the Future of Women are available too.