Katharine Burgess

The recent string of disasters is a stark reminder to include resilience in our budgets, from cities to companies and organizations. Our homes, businesses, schools and local economies cannot afford to be ill-prepared, as we saw in Puerto Rico for example with Hurricane Maria’s devastation. How to do it?

Listen to Katharine Burgess, Director of Urban Resilience at the Urban Land Institute, for best practices in this critical conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. You may want to forward this podcast to your mayor, Congressperson or City Manager – and take notes!

You’ll hear:

  • Strategies that communities are using today to increase their resilience and add value as well.
  • How rezoning can help increase the incentives for green infrastructure.
  • The importance of accurate data for community infrastructure programs to be resilient and where to find it.
  • Leveraging water infrastructure upgrades for more benefits, more greenspace and more savings.
  • 3 top steps you can take in your community today to increase its resilience to climate change – and add more benefits too, economically, socially and culturally.

A couple of notes: The sound quality on this one is a bit below our normal high standards. Also, when she mentions “panels,” those are ULI’s advisory panels that advise the communities in the field. We are re-airing this one since it’s so important to include resilience planning in our budgets being finalized at this time.

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