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Cindy Ortega

There is no trade-off between luxury and sustainability.  Ask Cindy Ortega, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of MGM Resorts International who ensures that MGM’s 23 resorts worldwide utilize the most viable sustainable options – and with a passion for life and for being “the best” that is inspiring.

How do you sell sustainability internally – and motivate 62,000 employees worldwide? As the unique combination of both a change agent and lifetime executive, Cindy shares MGM’s evolution to being a leader in sustainability in the hospitality industry – and to “de-mystifying green” — in this engaging interview with Joan, as well as her insights on driving change.

She also has practical advice for women feeling stagnant in middle-management you can apply today.  As a former MGM division CFO, Cindy brings a unique financially-based mindset to sustainability leadership.  Listen here.