“Men, perfectly good guys, really don’t know what the issues are, who we as women are unintentionally demonizing, and who, if we brought them into the conversation could be part of the solution.” Joanne Lipman on Green Connections Radio

Diversity is a business and innovation imperative, and studies show the financial crisis was caused by groupthink and too much testosterone running things. But it’s hard. How do we actually get along and help women advance?

Listen to these fabulous tips from Joanne Lipman, who has held C-level jobs in two of the most powerful media companies, The Wall Street Journal and Gannett, based on her new book, “That’s What She Said: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together.” In person from the Newseum!

You’ll hear:

  • How to include men in the conversation
  • Why men say they (still) don’t actively support women in the workplace will surprise you.
  • What makes women’s initiatives and resource groups work
  • How to incentivize diversity and promoting women, not just hiring them. (hint: transparency, compensation, leadership)
  • How to call out bias so it doesn’t damage your career.

And so much more!

“We need to have men as part of the conversation and understanding this is an issue for all of us…if we can work together to fix it, we’ll all be better off.”

Joanne Lipman on Green Connections Radio

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