Jay Newton SmallHow Women are Changing the Way America Works

Leadership – advancing your career – finding alternate paths to solutions – even peaceful policing strategies that work…

Listen to renowned journalist Jay Newton-Small of Time magazine and author of the best-selling book Broad Influence: How Women are Changing the Way America Works in this enlightening conversation with Green Connections host Joan Michelson – great stories too!

Great leadership tips, new ideas to make things work better, how to build support… and….Why we need more women police officers (more than ever)!

You’ll probably also want to listen to:

  • Jennifer Palmieri, former head of Communications for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Obama White House, on women’s leadership at the top, from her new book, “Dear Madam President.”
  • Joann Lublin of the WSJ on how women Fortune 500 CEO’s got to the top and what we can all learn from their journeys.
  • Ashley Milne-Tyte of Marketplace and “The Broad Experience,” on the realities of women’s lives and what “success” means.
  • Laura Sherbin, Center for Talent Innovation, on how women in STEM fields are driving innovation successfully.

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