“The best way to drive innovation and new ideas (in STEM) is to have the broadest set of minds at the table,” Esther Takeuchi on Green Connections Radio

Anyone you know of who has a pacemaker, literally owes their life to Dr. Esther Takeuchi of Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Lab. She invented the pacemaker battery and is in the Inventors’ Hall of Fame as a result. This remarkable woman is now innovating batteries for the 21st century – for everything from cars to the electric grid — to enable greater expansion of renewable energies by addressing the storage-intermittency issues.

Listen to GCR Host Joan Michelson’s fascinating conversation with Esther about:

  • A new battery that looks like felt and is continually reusable.
  • Earth-abundant materials in the next generation of batteries making them eco-friendly
  • Managing conflict as “a necessary component of driving innovation.”
  • “Seeing what everyone else is seeing, but thinking what no one else is thinking.”

Career tips – like: “don’t underestimate your abilities” – and more!

Live from the ElectroChemical Society 2017 conference.

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