Innovating Energy Storage – Praveen Kathpal, AES Energy Storage

“Everywhere we go in the utility industry, utilities, regulators, stakeholders…there’s broad recognition that…the way utilities do business has to change.”

Praveen Kathpal on Green Connections Radio

Every time there’s a natural disaster, huge swaths of people lose power for days, weeks, even months in the case of Puerto Rico (from Hurricane Maria). That means their economies and livelihoods stop.

The remedy? Energy storage — it supports electricity reliability, as well as a clean energy economy. How?

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s enlightening interview with Praveen Kathpal, V.P. of AES Energy Storage for answers — and about their new joint venture with Siemens.

  • How does electricity get to us? (homes, offices, restaurants)?
  • How batteries work – the surprising difference they make.
  • New energy storage technologies- and the largest lithium ion battery in the world.
  • How a joint venture between two huge companies works.
  • If the Trump administration’s anti-clean energy agenda can affect the development of these technologies.
  • Career advice and more!

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