Hydrogen Energy Storage – Dr. Kathy Ayers, Proton OnSiteThe big issue with renewable energy is that it’s not always available. What if it could be? What if you had an intermediate source that could store the solar power, for example, indefinitely, so that you can convert it back into electrons to power the grid or your business?

Enter hydrogen generators. Listen to Dr. Kathy Ayers, V.P. of Research & Development at Proton OnSite explain how these cool generators work to create clean, reliable fuel.

You’ll hear:

  • How these hydrogen generators create hydrogen in a clean way, from water, not the traditional way from natural gas (a petroleum product).
  • How these hydrogen generators could help power plants be more reliable especially in disasters.
  • The benefits of storing hydrogen for commercial, industrial, or laboratory use
  • Why these generators are a more cost-effective, dependable and space-saving option for industry.
  • Career tips – like Kathy’s story of the “random” event that led her to this work.

And more!

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