How to stand out: Say what you mean & Stand for your truth

We had an incredible interview today learning about how our guests have been able to stand out in their industries and make a difference! We met my co-host Indi Rossi who has made a HUGE name for herself as an influencer on Youtube. We also interviewed Ashley Schmitz and learned how she has a passion for finance and her aspirations are to create financial peace for her clients. Joan Michelson stood in her truth and gave us great advice on hiring people around you with different views to stretch your beliefs! LOVE that! You can hear all about it and more on the full podcast or by watching the video below (available 9/4/2020). Interested in any of our events we spoke about today? Visit our website to learn more. can connect with our guests below:Joan Radio:—Innovative-Women-on-Ener-p726296/ Forbes contributor – LinkedIn: Twitter: Ashley

Posted by Lead Up for Women on Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Joan joined Colleen Biggs on her podcast, Lead Up for Women, to discuss standing out within an industry.