Have you ever noticed that as soon as you search for a pair of shoes or download a white paper, you’re seeing ads for them on almost every page? Do you use Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Echo? Welcome to the world of big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Every click, word and image online generates potentially valuable data. It can come from almost anywhere: your laptop, smartphone or Fitbit; the checkout counter, satellites or security cameras; insurance companies, utilities providers or healthcare organizations; or even your home or vehicle. The sheer amount produced can make the term “big data” seem like an understatement.

What about AI? In short, it’s about teaching computers to see trends, correlations and patterns in information. For example, computers can learn what cancer biomarkers, MRIs or scans looks like in order to identify them in millions of data points.

Part one of this series explores how to collect the best data and process it effectively. Part two will discuss how to use it strategically to drive specific business objectives.

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