Gov’t Energy Innovations – Dr. Ellen Williams, ARPA-E, Dept of EnergyWith government funding for energy innovations under threat, we thought it was a good idea to re-air this fascinating interview Dr. Ellen Williams, then-head of the Advanced Energy Research Agency, aka, ARPA-E, of the Department of Energy. ARPA-E is one of the entities in the Trump administration budget set to be cut — yet they have generated extraordinary results supporting breakthrough energy innovations.

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson talk with Dr. Williams about:

  • Trends in energy breakthroughs – and what we need.
  • Why government funding is needed to drive innovation, especially in energy
  • Where the investments are going these days – a wind drone?!
  • Important elements to drive breakthrough innovation
  • Recommendations for building a career in this industry

You’ll want to take notes!

P.S. The audio on this is a bit wobbly it turns out, which is below our usual standards…sometimes technology does not cooperate as intended! Fortunately, Dr. Williams sounds much than I do. Thanks for understanding.

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