Going to the movies? A Story About “The Post” You Don’t Hear AboutAre you seeing the movie “The Post” this season? Here’s something you aren’t hearing about….

Movies and television productions are one of the most wasteful businesses on the planet. But clever entrepreneurs are doing something about it – and Steven Spielberg took notice.

Think about all the energy for lighting and cameras, the sets they build (and blow up), the water and food that sustains the cast and crew, paper for the scripts, cars and vans to transport people, and those nasty diesel generators….But there’s another way that’s cleaner – and “The Post” used it!

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s fascinating conversation with Emellie O’Brien, Founder and President of Earth Angel, an award-winning company focused on reducing the carbon footprint of movies and television shows. They reduced the environmental impact of “The Post”!

You’ll hear:

  • How much energy, CO2, wood and water productions use and waste they produce
  • How to reduce it dramatically – including how she saved over half a million water bottles from going into the waste stream!
  • Juggling the needs of creative projects with environmental priorities.
  • Tips for your productions, whether a community video or a studio production
  • Which shows focus on sustainability
  • What you can do

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