Focusing Amidst Chaos – Kasia Reterska, McPherson Strategies

“People are more committed to and loyal to brand than they are to the politicians…because the brands are in their homes, they touch and feel them every day.”

Kasia Reterska, McPherson Strategies

We seem to live in two, chaotic parallel universes. One one hand, the government and Twitterverse gyrate from policy-by-tweet or other crisis to crisis, in ways, some say, that abdicate Constitutional responsibilities. On the other hand, companies are taking stronger and louder stands on social and environmental issues, backed by their money and risking their brand. What’s a leader to do?

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s conversation with one of the best strategic communications minds tell us what she counsels top global CEOs to do to manage the chaos.  Kasia Reterska is Managing Partner of McPherson Strategies, a global communications firm “focused on the intersection of brands and social impact.”

You’ll hear:

  • When CEOs should respond to the online media chatter.
  • What she counsels CEOs to focus on and why, especially to manage “reputational risk.”
  • Why competing for talent requires companies take social responsibility.
  • How leaders and communications teams should spend their time on social media.

Plus, Career tips for advancing from middle management.

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