Lee-Anne Walters, Goldman Environmental Prize winner 2018, with her two boys in a lab. Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech (their lab).


“It worked really well with everyone concentrating on their area of strength.”

Lee-Anne Walters on Green Connections Radio



How to Fight for Your Community – Lessons from the Flint Fight for Clean Water

What would you do if your water came out of the tap brown?

Listen to the courageous and tenacious Lee-Anne Walters, one of the main community organizers in Flint, Michigan’s lead water crisis, tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she brought the community together to fight for clean water – and collected the scientific support they needed. This interview took place at the Earth Day Network 2018 Climate Leadership Gala, where Lee-Anne was recognized for her work.

The problem persists and all lead pipes have not been removed, so Lee-Anne is still leading the effort for clean water in Michigan and nationwide, says, so that no other families or communities need to go through this ordeal.

You’ll hear:

  • How the community started to organize, from the ground up.
  • How she used her Medical Technician skills to identify why the water was brown and who was to blame.
  • Why having an Emergency Manager for the city in its financial crisis was the exact wrong strategy.
  • How partnering with Virginia Tech University to test the water independently was a key to fixing the crisis – and continues nationwide.

“I’ve always been a very blunt person…and in this it’s been my biggest asset.”

Lee-Anne Walters on Green Connections Radio

If you have a foundation, these tireless heroes need funds to continue their fight for clean water – they are self-funded and in debt!

You’ll probably also want to listen to:

  • Nayyirah Shariff, Flint, Michigan activist for clean water (on their lead poisoning crisis)
  • Talia Buford, ProPublica reporter covering the Flint, Michigan lead poisoning water crisis.
  • Rita Colwell, frmr NSF head, Univ of Maryland, Gulf of Mexico Research chair, water science expert
  • NASA Contest-Winning Teen Girls – About their award-winning water filtration system.


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