“If we continue at the current pace of textile production, by 2025, two-thirds of the entire world’s population is going to face shortages of fresh water and be exposed to toxic chemicals from textile dyeing.”

Stephanie Benedetto on Green Connections Radio

Look around you. Everything you set your eyes on came from raw materials of some kind. Your clothing, the chair or seat you’re sitting on, the desk you’re sitting at. Natural resources were used to make it anew. What if it was made from materials already in the marketplace instead?

Enter today’s guest, Stephanie Benedetto, CEO and Co-Founder of Queen of Raw.  Listen to this fascinating discussion with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about transforming apparel industry waste into new clothing you see in stores and online.

You’ll hear about:

  • $100 billion of “dead stock” sitting in factories, mills and warehouses
  • A creative solution that’s a “win-win” for both seller and buyer – at a fair price for both
  • Design to production with reduced waste and better transparency
  • “Think about it as innovation and future of fashion.”
  • Career advice from a corporate lawyer turned manufacturing industry entrepreneur

“Don’t be afraid to think differently. If you have an idea…get that idea out there, test it in the market, work with your customers, iterate it and improve it. Because, at the end of the day, you will see so much more lasting value and you can change the world.” Stephanie Benedetto on Green Connections Radio

You’ll probably also want to listen to Joan’s interviews with:

  • Amina Razvi of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, on what manufacturers and designers are doing to reduce their environmental impact – and which ones are taking it seriously.
  • Jessica Schreiber, CEO/Founder of Fabscrap about how she is diverting cutting room scraps to designers of all levels.
  • Karla Macgruder, CEO of Fabrikology, on how recycled and sustainable fabrics are made in the first place.
  • Annie Gullingsrud of Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute on innovations transforming fashion.

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