“The potential disastrous health effects” of climate change include an “increase (in the) rates of allergies, asthma, heart disease and cancer, among other illnesses.”

The Scientific American, 2017

How do we innovate our way through the risks to public health from climate change? Listen to the remarkable Dr. Maria Freire, President of the Foundation of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson to find out!

You’ll hear about:

  • The key role of artificial intelligence and robotics, as well as the human genome, that Freire says makes this “one of the best times for science” and public health.
  • How their research focuses on “the inflection point” in the research that will lead to the greatest scientific breakthrough the quickest.
  • How the FNIH’s unique business model drives innovation for public health challenges faster, with more new ideas, voices.
  • How biomarkers tell stories and could tell us about the impact of environmental issues on our health.
  • The importance of having “the right people in the room…(including) “the voice of the patient,” regulators, the private sector who can bring it to patients, and “intellectual disruptors.”
  • Plus great career advice, such as, “You need to learn to wield your power, the power you give yourselves” and to do so “with gravitas,” Dr. Freire says.

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You’ll also like:

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  • Laura Sherbin, President of the Center for Talent Innovation
  • Marti Elder, TechLink, who helps bring government innovations to market

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