Enviro-Social Investing – Christopher Cordaro, RegentAtlantic

“Change occurs when we vote with our wallets…We are in a revolution right now when we can use our portfolios to express our values and actually impact the policies that corporations are making.”

Christopher Cordaro on Green Connections Radio

One of the sure-bet investments over time has been energy stocks, mostly oil and gas, with companies like Exxon Mobil soaring. Yet, Hurricane Harvey and the reality of climate change have upset that long-held belief too. The hurricane brought Houston’s oil and gas hub to a halt for days or weeks.

So, today we’re looking anew at how we can match our investment dollars with our values. Grab an iPad or pen and paper, because you’ll want to take notes on this one.

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s tips-packed conversation with investing master, Christopher Cordaro, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of RegentAtlantic about how to do it.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Tesla has a surprisingly low score as a values-driven investment.
  • The difference between socially-responsible investing and ESG investing (using environment, social and governance investment criteria).
  • The ROI, return on investment, of values-driven stocks vs. traditional stocks.
  • How we can change corporate behavior via our investments.
  • How women are better suited for leadership in today’s economy than men.
  • Tips for how to evaluate your investment portfolio or 401K.

         And more….

You’ll want to take notes to help you decide where to put your money.

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