Are you shopping for new bedding for your college kids or yourself?

Before you do, listen to my interview with Coyuchi CEO Eileen Mockus about eco-bedding — and you might never shop for bedding the same way again!

Coyuchi has been manufacturing organic cotton sheets, towels and related bedding for 25 years so they know the industry inside and out.  What are you doing with your discarded sheets? Now you can recycle them via a subscription service, and keep the virtuous cycle going (and out of landfill).

You’ll hear:

  • How organic sheets, towels are made – and why it matters for much more than just the sheets.
  • What to look for when buying towels, sheets, mattress pads.
  • Recycling sheets, other fabrics.
  • What prices reflect across the range of options.
  • Certifications to look for when shopping.
  • Career tips for sustainable manufacturing – and all careers.

You’ll look at your sheets and towels differently! (Take notes.)

Listen here.

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