Easy Greenhouse, Campus – Donielle “Doni” Nolan, George Mason UniversityIf you’ve ever been interested in growing food, or in advancing it on a campus or in your community, listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s interview with a master: George Mason University Greenhouse Manager Donielle “Doni” Nolan. Take notes!

Whether you want to build one, teach in one, or volunteer in one – decide if it’s right for your campus (corporate or college/university) – Doni gives great tips that will save you and your team time, money, hassle and resources and help you be successful.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up and run a greenhouse, including ideas for what to grow.
  • A creative deal to sell the produce you grow to offset costs.
  • What your team can learn from working there – either as paid staff or volunteers, including students.
  • How greenhouses can be more energy and water efficient and use natural fertilizers (even if not certified “organic”).
  • How to prepare your garden or greenhouse for the impact of climate change – and how it can help you prepare.

Find more information about the greenhouse here: http://green.gmu.edu/campussustainability/ppg.cfm

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