Brand Purpose 2018 – with Billee Howard, Brandthropologie & Centiment“People are really making decisions more about who a brand is and why they’re doing something, as opposed to just what it is they are offering because that is largely commodified by options and price point.” Billee Howard on Green Connections Radio

You’re planning 2018, but are you looking at your brand anew too?

Maybe you should, says Billee Howard, master brand storyteller, and CEO of Brandthropolgie. She’s also Chief Strategy Officer of Centiment, an IBM Watson company leveraging artificial intelligence to help brands connect on an emotional level, the author of, We-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate and Succeed in the Sharing Economy, and the former EVP of worldwide marketing communications firm Weber Shandwick.

Grab your notebook or tablet and listen to this fascinating interview with Howard and Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. You’ll hear:

  • How to identify and leverage brand purpose to connect more deeply with your audience, no matter who they are.
  • Examples of brands doing it well for today’s markets and culture.
  • How to leverage storytelling for your goals.
  • Blunt career advice.

….And, more!  (You might want to listen to this one twice!)

“Brand purpose….needs to sit front and center of a business strategy…. to convey a purpose that is aspirational and aims to contribute to the world more than just their bottom line.”

Billee Howard on Green Connections Radio

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