Brand Citizenship – with Anne Bahr Thompson, Branding Guru, Author “Do Good”

“It’s all about the doing, not the claiming,” Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio

What do you expect from the companies you buy from? A new ground-breaking study says we consumers care if companies “do good” and we buy accordingly.

So, how do we leverage it? What does it mean for consumers and businesses? Listen to the study’s author, branding guru Anne Bahr Thompson, author of a new book expanding on the research called “Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel both Purpose and Profit, and a former top executive at Interbrand global communications firm.

In this fascinating conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson, also a communications expert, they dive into the study’s findings and discuss:

  • What is a brand and does it still matter today.
  • What drives brand loyalty today (hint: consistency, but of what?)
  • Five steps to brand loyalty based on the research – and which brands do it right.
  • Why “big data” and AI are not the magic bullet.
  • …and terrific career advice!


 “Step back and decide what are your motivations….We need to focus on what energizes us and get more of that in our day.”

Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio

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