Book Coaching

You see all these other speakers and consultants with books to sell and think, “I need a book. I want a book.”

You’re a Consultant. You’re a Speaker. You’re an Expert. ….. Or, you feel like you have a book inside you.

joan-kim-bookWould being an “author” – having your own book – help your business? Absolutely!

Does the idea of writing a book seem overwhelming? Time-consuming? Daunting?

What if you could have a trusted guide and coach who could help you write the book – and written in a way that would help grow your business?

Enter Joan Michelson, CEO of Green Connections Media.

Joan brings her 20+ years of corporate marketing and communications with Fortune 500 companies like Deloitte, Chrysler and American Express (including earning media coverage on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and major coverage in Time magazine, and on “The Today Show), book coaching, and journalism experience with major media (from television news to print, to digital, to radio) to be your trusted book coach.

Book Coaching Services

Unearthing and writing the book within you that can support your business, life and career goals.

Here’s a brief outline of what my book coaching program includes:


  • Define the book you want to write – what do you have to say?
  • Find your unique writing voice and style.
  • Define how this book can help your business and/or career goals.
  • Identify what you want to have happen as a result of this book being published.
  • Develop the outline (it will evolve as the book evolves), including related graphics and/or images.
  • Mine your network and accomplishments to date for content and sources that will make the book more successful.
  • Develop systems to facilitate efficient writing and promoting of the book to support your goals.
  • Build the case for a publisher, support you in developing the book proposal, identify potential agents and publishers, and facilitate introductions.
  • Guide you through writing the book itself – including all the elements needed for it to be successfully completed.
  • Support the publication and editing process.
  • Support your marketing of the book, including creative events and collaborations.


Weekly calls and selected research and emails

The first month involves weekly calls of about 1.5 hours in duration and my spending time doing research and information gathering to support developing your niche and book concept, as well as your book project’s success. Each book is unique, so the research and preparation for each one is equally unique.

Each week after the first month, during our calls we would discuss the part of the book you are working on that week and the prior week and address obstacles, angles, research, and other relevant issues to support your developing the book successfully, from images and/or graphics to stories, from evolving the outline to the actual text writing.  We would integrate your “regular” business and work or personal interest activities where relevant as well. During the week, we may be in touch via email on small issues that pop up as you’re writing that we can address in a few minutes.

Once a certain amount of the book is drafted, I would then support you in drafting the book proposal and explore getting feedback on it.

Once the book is drafted and in the hands of the publisher, we kick into higher gear on the marketing of the book, promoting it creatively, in coordination with the publisher and agent.

Your book actually gets written – and supports your business, life and career goals!

Contact Green Connections Media today for a free 15-minute consultation: or click here.

Photo: Author/Consultant Kim McDonald Chandler with Joan Michelson, with Kim’s book Flat World Navigation. Joan wrote an excerpt in Kim’s book. (credit, Kim’s husband)