Joan Michelson

How To Sell Your Crazy Idea Internally

“Uh-oh. There she is. I know you’re here to take me out of my comfort zone. Give me a minute,” my boss at Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars would say when he would see me at his office door. Then, he would grab the arms of his chair, close his eyes and say, “Ok,...

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Reputation Management: Big Data for Marketing (Preview)

Consider these social media statistics and their implications for big data for marketing: Every day, there are 500 million tweets, over 1.8 billion photos and videos shared on social media and 6,586,013,574 searches conducted online. Every minute on Facebook, 510,000...

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Social media investor relations: Friend or foe?

As recent events have shown, a single negative tweet can turn into a PR crisis firestorm with lasting impact on a brand’s reputation. Companies that respond quickly and with savvy are more able to weather the storm, which is why social media investor relations can be...

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