Best Big Data – Allison Sagraves, Big Data Guru, TED Talk“We need to question the assumptions in our methodology…and figure out how we’re going to use all this data to solve problems.” Allison Sagraves on Green Connections Radio

The 21st century economy is based on Big Data, especially when it comes to the new energy-sustainability paradigm. As Green Connections Radio Joan Michelson wrote in Investis recently, all data is not created equal and we can easily get garbage.

One of the experts in that piece, Allison Sagraves emphasized to consider what you’re not asking, “The value is going to come from the things we never knew were possible.”

Listen to Joan’s fascinating conversation with Allison about big data transforming our world, including in energy.

You’ll hear:

  • What data lineage means and why it helps you separate good and bad data.
  • How we can use big data to solve problems.
  • How big data drives the energy revolution, from sources to utilities to the “prosumer.”
  • How important citizen data scientists are and how you can become one easily.
  • Why Millennials are called “conspicuous optimizers” and how we all should be too.

Super career tips and more!  (Hint: “Find the passion in the field that you’re in,” Allison Sagraves).

To learn more, read Joan Michelson’s blog posts about Big Data – part 1 and part 2.

And listen here for Allison’s terrific TED talk.

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