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Susan Fallon of MONSTER.COM

Susan Fallon of MONSTER.COM

Listen to VP Susan Fallon talk with Green Connections Radio Host Joan Michelson about the thousands of job opportunities in energy and the green economy and how to find them and stand out. Here are links to websites for green jobs postings - and some...

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Kate Gordon on job growth via the green economy and what we can do TODAY to boost it

Kate Gordon on job growth via the green economy and what we can do TODAY to boost it

Kate Gordon on job growth via the green economy and what we can do TODAY to boost it

Listen to nationally-recognized expert Kate Gordon as she talks about what the green economy really is and the jobs it is creating, including the skills required for those jobs. She talks about what President Obama have done (and his policies are still doing) and what local leaders can do TODAY to boost economic growth. Kate is a straight-shooter who has worked in the heart of the DC establishment and on the local level — and speaks with both credibility and wit to make for a fascinating discussion.

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Joan, I love your show, you’re a terrific interviewer, you ask smart questions, and your topics are important and interesting. Green Connections is a favorite!!!
– David, CEO


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