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Snehal Desai

  There is a global water shortage with 1.2 billion people living in water stress, including in California, so we must learn to do more with less. Dow Water is one of the companies working aggressively to provide clean drinking water, and clean-enough water for...

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Jules Pieri

We are so happy to have Jules Pieri of The Grommet back to share unique gifts just in time for the Holiday shopping season. The Grommet is an ecommerce site that sells “distinctive products made by real people with stories and values worth sharing.” Listen to Jules...

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From CTOSE: Dave Feldman

The Cleantech Open is a mecca for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders in the sustainability space.  A representative of each, Dave Feldman works to accelerate and focus the sustainability movement by helping communities build a cleantech sector...

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From CTOSE: Rochelle Blaustein

Rethink, validate and cultivate.  This is the mantra of the the new Ecoland Institute where students are not only thinking outside the box but "throwing the box away".  Listen here to Joan talk with Rochelle Blaustein Director at Ecoland and CTOSE Ambassador-At-Large...

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Cleantech Open 2014

The Cleantech Open is the world’s largest cleantech accelerator and is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch a successful cleantech company.   Joan Michelson was once again in attendance for the 3rd Annual Cleantech Open...

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Interview with CTOSE 2014 Winner, NG1Tech

From the Cleantech Open 2014, Joan talks with this year's winner, NG1 TECH. Hear about their Techflo Exhaust technology that dramatically improves fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions and reduces...

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Attention foodies! Twin sisters Allison and Megan are innovators with a fascinating product Fresh Box, a new food packaging system. Described as a “soda stream unit for food”, it is the first home food preservation system that brings an established industrial food...

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From CTOSE: April Richards

Did I hear you say mushroom packaging? April Richards, Program Manager at the Environmental Protection Agency’s SBIR program tells us about this amazing innovation and others that cross her desk in hopes of investment. The Small Business Innovation Research grant...

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Amber Wason of Riide

How do you nail a Kickstarter campaign? Amber Wason COO of Riide shares her strategy on how the electric bike start-up was successfully funded on the day it launched. Find out what Riide is doing to stand out in this emerging industry and what Kenneth Cole has to do...

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Brandon Owens

What is the “power of the one percent”? Listen to Brandon Owens, a leader in the GE Ecomagination division of GE talk with Joan about the utility of the future, and what GE is doing to fill the skills gap in the energy industry.

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Interview with Andrew Winston

“Pursue heretical innovation. ” Andrew Winston, author of “The Big Pivot” and leading thinker in sustainability issues, shares this and other ideas of how we can solve the enormous challenges we are facing around climate change. Find out why companies are bucking the...

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Interview with Katharine Hayhoe

What is the mainstream media getting "completely wrong” about climate change? Listen to what Katharine Hayhoe, one of TIME magazine’s Top 100 Pioneers and one of those "climate scientists" we hear about tells Green Connections host Joan Michelson.  Hayhoe is also an...

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Interview with Sherri Goodman

Sherri Goodman is a former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense and one of the top advisors to the Defense Department and top corporate executives on foreign policy, especially as it relates to energy and the environment. We know that the conflicts in the hotbeds of the...

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Joan on UR Business Network

Do you want your business to prosper from the clean energy economy?  Then listen to Green Connections host Joan Michelson on UR Business Network with tips on how to do so. In this interview  UR Business Network, MYOB - Mind Your Own Business Radio Show for...

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Women in SET

On a recent interview with Joan, Dr. Laura Sherbin, the Executive Vice President and Director of Research for the Center for Talent Innovation, talked about the “middle-rung” for women in SET (Science, Engineering, Technology) organizations, as the place where women...

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Jules Pieri

We have power - consumer power -where we spend our money speaks volumes.  Listen to Joan’s interview with Jules Pieri Co-Founder and CEO of The Grommet, about "Citizen Commerce" and how you can buy everyday items that support your values as well as your budget....

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Remembering Robin Williams

An unexpected tribute to the late, great Robin Williams: Robin Williams' genius voice may have been silenced this week, but fortunately we can keep him with us forever through his amazing body of work. It turns out that I have a minor familial connection to Williams....

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Sidebar at VERGE

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Green Connections host Joan Michelson was also the host of “Sidebar,” the online livestream of the 2013 VERGE San Francisco conference. You can watch and listen to her interview with some newsmakers. First up: Dell’s Vice...

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Bill Weihl: Facebook Sustainability Guru

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Are you curious about what Facebook is doing to "go green" and reduce the energy use (and resultant emissions) from its enormous computer systems that service 1 billion FB users worldwide? Listen to Joan's conversation...

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Seeing No Resource, She Created Her Own

An interview with Leda Huta, founder of DC EcoWomen, a non-profit organization that provides an educational forum for women that empowers women to become leaders in the environmental community and the...

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An Oil Empire Embraces Renewable Energy

Joan talks with Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of Sustainability at Masdar, Abu Dhabi's  renewable energy company.  Besides her incredible work there she is also the Director of the Zayed Future Energy Prize and an adjunct professor at Masdar's Institute of Science and...

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Lynne Cherry on Earth Day 2013

“Kids have power.. and once kids know how much power they have to make change, they start acting.” Lynne Cherry Listen to Lynne Cherry, film producer and author of over thirty children’s books pertaining to climate change, talk to GCR host Joan Michelson at this...

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Ann Feldman of

Which uses more water: tea or coffee? Chicken or a hamburger? How many gallons of water does it take to make a pair of jeans? Listen to Ann Feldman of tell GCR host Joan Michelson the amazing things she learned about the world's water use and...

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Phyliss Cuttino of the Clean Energy Program

How does policy affect CleanTech business start ups? Click here to listen to Phyliss Cuttino, Director of the Clean Energy Program, Pew Charitable Trust, discuss this and their new research on the energy sector . This interview took place at the 2013 ARPA-E Summit in...

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Joan Wages of the National Women’s History Museum

One hundred years ago - on March 3, 1913 - thousands marched in support of giving women the right to vote, and turned the tides of history.  Green Connections has a special link to the suffrage movement: GCR host Joan Michelson’s great-great aunt Miriam Michelson was...

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Amy Francetic of Clean Energy Trust

  The front lines of the clean energy economy are fascinating, brutal and potentially very lucrative. Listen to one of the masters at growing clean energy start-ups, Amy Francetic of the Clean Energy Trust, discuss how it all comes together and CET's new $100 million...

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Catherine Williams of Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

From solar energy development to the advancement of CleanTech, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has been one of the first U.S. state agencies to focus strictly on clean energy investment. Listen to Catherine Williams, the Director of Communications for MCEC,...

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Laura Nereng of 3M Clean Energy Innovation

When you hear "3M" you think of Post-it notes, right? Not so fast. 3M is innovating in cleantech and breaking new ground, especially in reducing carbon emissions. Laura Nereng, Program Manager of 3M's Clean Energy Innovation, spoke with GCR Host Joan Michelson about...

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Karina Edmonds of the Department of Energy

Listen to Dr. Karina Edmonds, Technology Transfer Coordinator for the Department of Energy, speak about innovations from the National Laboratories that are solving our energy challenges. How do these inventions come to market? What can entrepreneurs learn from...

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Rebecca Blank, Deputy Secretary of Commerce

GCR host Joan Michelson spoke with Deputy Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank at the 2013 DC Auto Show about the dearth of women in the auto industry - 1.8% on the shop floor and about 20% in offices - and what can be done about...

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Hilary Fordwich of AOC Key Solutions

  Hilary Fordwich, host of the weekly television program Government Contracting Weekly and SVP of AOC Key Solutions, is a nationally renowned expert on government contracting.  Listen to GCR host Joan Michelson talk to her about government contracting opportunities in...

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Kathy Loftus of Whole Foods

Listen to Kathy Loftus, Global Leader of Sustainable Engineering and Energy Management for Whole Foods We'd love to hear your thoughts! Click here to email us, post on Facebook or post on...

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Michael Washburn of Nestle Waters

Listen to Michael Washburn, VP of Sustainability for Nestlé Waters talk about reinventing recycling...and how Nestle is collaborating with its competitors to do it. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Click here to email us, post on Facebook or post on...

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Susan Fallon of MONSTER.COM

Listen to VP Susan Fallon talk with Green Connections Radio Host Joan Michelson about the thousands of job opportunities in energy and the green economy and how to find them and stand out. Here are links to websites for green jobs postings - and some...

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Joan, I love your show, you’re a terrific interviewer, you ask smart questions, and your topics are important and interesting. Green Connections is a favorite!!!
– David, CEO


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