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Books for Kids! – w Famed Author Lynne Cherry

Teach Your Kids About the Wonders of Mother Nature & Protecting it w These Great Book ideas Kids have power.. and once kids know how much power they have to make change, they start acting.” Lynne Cherry Listen to Lynne Cherry, author of over thirty children’s...

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Holiday Gifts Made By “Real” Makers Across America

Tired of buying the same types of gifts? Want your "consumer power" to match your values? Listen to Jules Pieri, Founder & CEO of the creative gift site The Grommet on Green Connections Radio describe unique gifts “made by real people with stories and values worth...

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Travelers! – Eco/Sustainable Tourism w Nat Geo

Attention travelers! Are you planning a holiday trip? Do you want to make “sustainable” choices? Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s interview with National Geographic Editor-at-Large Costas Christ – in our new iHeartRadio studio! – on: The...

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Foodies! – Storing Leftovers w FreshBox

Attention foodies! Do you want to store holiday (and other) leftovers? Twin sisters Allison and Megan are innovating food storage with Fresh Box, a new food packaging system. They earned a spot at the Clean Tech Open Southeast too. Described as a “soda stream unit for...

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Breaking up CO2 – @3M w Laura Nereng

When you hear “3M” you think of Post-it notes, right? Not so fast. 3M is innovating in cleantech – really – and breaking new ground, especially in reducing carbon emissions. Listen to Laura Nereng, Program Manager of 3M’s Clean Energy Innovation, explain to Green...

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Green Home Buying – w Kari Klaus, Viva Green Homes

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a home, apartment, condo, or townhouse, historically you’ve had to ask a lot of questions to find out about the home’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Meet Kari Klaus of Viva Green Homes, a new home listing service that is...

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Electric Bikes! – w Amber Wason of Riide

Love urban living but fed up with traffic? So were Amber Wason and her co-founder Jeff Stefanis. Instead of just complaining, they got to work and developed a cool new electric bike, launched a campaign to fund it on Kickstarter and then.... cleverly made a deal with...

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Navigating Legislation – w NCSEA’s Betsy McCorkle

With a new President of the United States and a new Congress taking shape in the election shortly, we assess the energy legislation and tax incentives on the books to nudge the clean energy economy forward with Betsy McCorkle, head of governmental affairs at the North...

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SXSW Eco – Super Corp. Sustainability Tips from CSO’s

What a powerful discussion! You'll definitely want to take notes on this one. Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson moderated a panel of veteran leaders in corporate sustainability at SXSW Eco 2016, unearthing great tips and insights that you can use right away....

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“We are All Accountable” – w Lauren Leader-Chivee

To innovate, we need new ideas, new perspectives, new solutions. To get these new ideas, we need differing points of view at the table. differing experiences and perspectives. To get these differing points of view, we need a diverse set of people at the table. Yet,...

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Recycling Reinvented – with Melissa Walsh-Innes

Melissa Lifts the Lid on How Recycling Really Works (or Doesn't) Do you think your community recycles? Think again. Just because it’s picked up doesn’t mean it’s recycled properly. Listen to Melissa Walsh Innes, of Recycling Reinvented, talk with Green Connections...

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A Zero Carbon Footprint Home in Any Price Range!

A How-To Guide to Building a Zero Carbon Footprint Home? Homes and buildings use an astonishing 40 percent of energy in the US – but author Sheri Koones shows us another way. Her book series of “Prefabulous” homes – from economy to luxury – give you a tour of the...

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Can Microgrids Prevent Power Loss – and Pay YOU?

Remember the last time you lost power…it doesn’t have to be that way Remember the last time you lost power…Did you lose documents on your computer? Was your home suddenly dark, leaving you fumbling around for a flashlight? Was it a bad storm?  Our power-dependent...

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Practical Advice on Building a Sustainable Organization

Building a Sustainable Organization – with Author/Consultant Nathalie Udo Based on her experience working with Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Nathalie Udo shares her practical insights into taking a large company from awareness that they need to be more...

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Profitable Socially Responsible Investing

Here are Do's and Don't from a Pioneering Master in SRI, Barbara Krumsiek Do you want to invest with principle but are concerned about making the most financial return too? The long time CEO of Calvert Investments (now retired), Barbara Krumsiek frankly discusses the...

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How Do You Win ‘Shark Tank’?

Luminaid CoFounder Andrea Sreshta Explains Two young entrepreneurs, Andrea Shreshta and her cofounder Anna Stork, won $200,000 from Mark Cuban, along with his mentorship, on “Shark Tank” for their solar powered inflatable light, LuminAID. And they have grown in leaps...

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Joan, I love your show, you’re a terrific interviewer, you ask smart questions, and your topics are important and interesting. Green Connections is a favorite!!!
– David, CEO


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