2018 Energy Trends to Watch – Christa Marshall, Greenwire, E&E NewsThe Trump administration is unabashedly pro-fossil fuels and anti-clean energy, yet the Energy Dept. has historically invested heavily in clean energy technologies and incentives, including regulations and in trade policies. In addition, many top Energy Dept. roles are still vacant. What’s going on?

What should we watch to find out how we’ll fuel our energy-dependent economy and what companies should prepare for?

Listen to top energy reporter Christa Marshall of Greenwire and E & E News share her insights on these issues to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson in this enlightening conversation.

You’ll hear:

  • Why empty offices at the Dept of Energy matters.
  • How budget uncertainties affect the economy and how we fuel it.
  • Regulatory predictions.
  • Why the solar trade case is very important and can affect the b broader economy and jobs

And, how she finds her sources, career tips and more…

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